how to find subordinate city in evony

In the strategy game “Evony,” you can establish subordinate cities to expand your territory and increase your resources. Here are the steps to find a subordinate city in “Evony”:

  1. Reach the Required Level:
    • Ensure that your main city has reached the required level to unlock the ability to establish subordinate cities. This level requirement may vary depending on the game version you are playing.
  2. Collect Enough Fealty:
    • In “Evony,” subordinate cities are typically obtained through Fealty, which is earned by completing various in-game tasks and achievements. Make sure you have enough Fealty points to establish a subordinate city.
  3. Access the Colony List:
    • Open the game and go to your main city’s interface.
    • Look for the “Colony” or “Subordinate City” option in the game menu or toolbar. It may be represented by a flag or building icon.
  4. Select a Suitable Location:
    • Once you access the colony list, you will see a map with available locations for subordinate cities.
    • Review the available spots and select a location that suits your strategic goals. Consider factors like resource availability, proximity to your main city, and terrain.
  5. Initiate the Colonization Process:
    • Click on the location you want to colonize, and then choose the option to “Colonize” or “Establish Subordinate City.”
    • Confirm your choice, and the game will begin the colonization process. This may take some time, depending on the game’s mechanics and settings.
  6. Manage Your Subordinate City:
    • Once the colonization is complete, you will have a new subordinate city under your control.
    • Manage the subordinate city by assigning it governors, constructing buildings, and developing its resources to support your main city’s growth.
  7. Protect Your Subordinate City:
    • Ensure that your subordinate city is adequately defended to prevent attacks from other players. Build defensive structures and station troops to protect your resources and population.
  8. Upgrade Your Subordinate City:
    • As your subordinate city grows, continue to upgrade its buildings, research technologies, and expand your influence in the game world.

Remember that the process of establishing subordinate cities may vary slightly depending on the specific version or server of “Evony” you are playing. Be sure to follow in-game tutorials and guides for the most accurate and up-to-date instructions. Additionally, it’s essential to actively participate in the game’s community and alliances for a more enjoyable gaming experience and assistance from fellow players.