how to fix a pinhole leak in pex pipe

Fixing a pinhole leak in a PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) pipe is a relatively straightforward process. PEX is a flexible and durable material commonly used in plumbing systems. Here’s how to repair a pinhole leak in a PEX pipe:

Materials You May Need:

  1. PEX Repair Kit: This kit typically includes a removable sleeve or clamp and a replacement PEX pipe section.
  2. Pipe Cutter: To cut out the damaged section.
  3. Emery Cloth or Sandpaper: For cleaning and preparing the PEX pipe.
  4. PEX Crimping Tool: To secure the repair clamp or sleeve.
  5. Safety Glasses and Gloves: To protect yourself during the repair.


  1. Turn Off the Water Supply:
    • Before starting any repair, shut off the water supply to the affected PEX pipe. Locate the nearest shutoff valve and turn it off.
  2. Drain the Line:
    • To minimize water spillage during the repair, open a faucet at a lower point in the plumbing system to drain the water from the pipe.
  3. Identify the Leak:
    • Locate the pinhole leak in the PEX pipe. It’s typically a small, visible hole.
  4. Measure and Mark the Damaged Area:
    • Use a measuring tape to determine the length of the damaged section of the pipe. Mark the area a few inches on either side of the pinhole leak for the repair.
  5. Cut Out the Damaged Section:
    • Use a PEX pipe cutter to carefully cut out the damaged section of the pipe. Make straight, clean cuts at the marked locations. Ensure that the cuts are square to allow for a proper seal.
  6. Clean the Pipe Ends:
    • Use emery cloth or sandpaper to clean the cut ends of the PEX pipe. Remove any burrs or rough edges to ensure a smooth surface for sealing.
  7. Prepare the Replacement PEX Pipe Section:
    • If your PEX repair kit includes a replacement pipe section, cut it to match the length of the damaged section you removed.
  8. Install the Repair Clamp or Sleeve:
    • Slide the repair clamp or sleeve onto one end of the existing PEX pipe. Ensure that it’s positioned so that it covers the damaged area when you slide the replacement pipe section into place.
  9. Insert the Replacement Pipe Section:
    • Insert one end of the replacement pipe section into the open end of the repair clamp or sleeve. Push it in until it meets the other end of the damaged pipe.
  10. Secure the Repair Clamp or Sleeve:
    • Use a PEX crimping tool to secure the repair clamp or sleeve in place. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific repair kit.
  11. Test for Leaks:
    • Turn on the water supply to the repaired section and check for any leaks. Ensure that the repair is watertight.
  12. Repressurize the System:
    • Close the faucet you opened to drain the line and allow the system to repressurize fully.
  13. Monitor the Repair:
    • Keep an eye on the repair area for a period to ensure that there are no new leaks or issues.
  14. Restore Water to the Entire System:
    • Once you are confident that the repair is successful, turn on all faucets and fixtures in your plumbing system to restore water flow.

Repairing a pinhole leak in a PEX pipe is a reliable solution, but it’s essential to use the appropriate repair kit and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure a proper and secure fix. If you are unsure about the repair or if the leak is in a complex part of your plumbing system, consider seeking assistance from a professional plumber to ensure the repair is done correctly.